Dog and Family

The Leadership Walk: The “Cure” for Pulling and So Much More!

Weekly I meet with anxious and frustrated dog owners on any number of behavioral issues – from pulling on the leash to aggression to chewing up shoes, general disobedience or jumping on guests.  Invariably, there is one exercise I recommend for all of them:  the Leadership Walk The Leadership Walk – or as many call […]

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What Training Can and Cannot Produce: A Tale of Cookies and Coleslaw

As much as dog owners hope that their trainer is like a master chef that can transform their aggressive dog into a social one, or their cat chaser into a cuddling kitty lover…generally speaking it’s not going to happen. Here’s what they can do….

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BABY, OH BABY: Preparing Your Pooch for the New Arrival

OK, all you excited parents and grandparents-to-be! This life change ahead of you can be exhilarating, but also a little stressful — especially for your dog. While you are busy happily preparing for your new little human family member, consider preparing your dog as well. It can be a big and confusing event for him. […]

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